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The Inquiry Process: Structured Inquiry

How can you increase student engagement, get students to be more creative, and build student agency? The inquiry process of learning! This learning will set the framework for using inquiry in your classroom and building a process where students ask the questions to deepen understanding.

This micro-credential will guide the learner in understanding the basic structure of how inquiry improves student learning and offers opportunities for learners to create and use structured inquiry in their classroom.

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Rethinking High Frequency Words: Part 2

What are effective instructional routines for high-frequency word instruction? How can I leverage the shifts in instructional practices that need to be made in order for high-frequency word instruction to be more impactful to student learning?

Did you know that we don’t learn “sight words'' by visually memorizing them? In this learning you will learn the difference between sight words and high frequency words. You will learn how to shift your instruction to be more impactful in teaching students to read these words.

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Basic Fact Fluency Development

Many students are not fluent with their basic facts. Fluency improvement begins with teachers developing an awareness for best practice with basic facts.

Part of the Prioritizing Math Content for Intervention Series. This session offers different tasks to engage as a way to gain a basic understanding of basic fact fluency development and the definition of fluency.

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Universal Constructs: Flexibility and Adaptability

Flexibility and Adaptability-why are they important for future learning, working and life readiness?

During this learning the key actions and components needed to be flexible and adaptable will be introduced. The What, How and Why Flexibility and Adaptability are important for student success will be explored.

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Submitting On-Demand Content

Looking to submit learning for our Learning Management System?

Looking to submit learning for our Learning Management System? Review this slide show for Guidance for On-Demand Submissions

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Universal Constructs: Complex Communication

Participants will engage in an overview of the Universal Construct: Complex Communication.

Complex Communication will be defined through the Iowa Core and The Center through descriptors and skills. This overview of the Complex Communication Construct will allow you to begin to consider and connect to your current role.

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