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New Teachers to Central Rivers AEA – Welcome

Welcome to Central Rivers AEA. Learning about everything Central Rivers has to offer you from support services to classroom instruction assistance.

In this video, Jen Sigrist welcomes new teachers to Central Rivers AEA and shares the continuum of services designed to support you whenever you need it.

New Teacher Orientation: Well-Being

Deepen your learning of the well-being resources (for both teachers and students) that the AEA has to offer as a new educator in our service area.

Gain an understanding of Well-Being and Self-Care as well as the resources that Central Rivers AEA has to offer on these topics. Viewers will be able to build a self-care board and will know how teacher and student well-being is supported at CRAEA.

Responding When Students Disengage

When we understand why students disengage, we can identify specific strategies to overcome each barrier. Engage with Doug Fisher as he discusses the reasons for student disengagement and how we might address each barrier.

In this video, you’ll learn from Doug Fisher, professor and chair of educational leadership at San Diego University. He discusses the 9 Cognitive Barriers to Learning. When we understand the barriers and why students disengage we can identify specific strategies to overcome each barrier.

To help you remember each barrier and the strategies, have 9 sticky notes or paper available to take your own notes with a word, phrase or image.

“The AEA has been most helpful to me as a source for professional development in the areas of math, science, and teacher leadership.”

General education teacher served by Central Rivers AEA

Earn your Micro-Credential

Micro-credentials are learner-driven, just-in-time, personalized pathways of incremental professional learning experiences that have stand-alone value, but may also be combined, to verify what a learner knows, understands, and can do.

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