20 Minutes

Accelerated Learning: Opportunity Myth

Ever wonder if the educational experience we are providing is enough? Are the assignments and expectations rigorous?

TNTP performed extensive research to gather answers to inquiries regarding opportunities and impact. In a quick 10 minutes hear about the nation’s current reality based on an analysis of over 20,000 pieces of student work from over 2,700 classrooms across the United States.

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45 Minutes

Math Intervention: Algebraic Expressions and Equations

Many secondary students are struggling in mathematics. Participants will develop a critical understanding with algebraic expressions and equations.

As part of the Math Intervention Series, this content helps participants understand algebraic expressions and equations by reviewing information from math experts and progression documents.

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60 Minutes

Project-Based Learning in Early Childhood

Project-Based Learning provides a natural way to promote student agency, integrating curriculum and social-emotional learning for students.

Teachers will learn more about key project-based learning practices and the 7 project design elements from Buck Institute of Education's PBL Works. In the end, teachers will learn how to plan and carry out a project for their early childhood classroom.

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30 Minutes

Moving Forward With SDI: What is SDI? (Episode 1)

In this episode of Moving Forward with Iowa's SDI Framework, educator, professor, author, and international consultant Lee Ann Jung talks with CRAEA team around mindsets...

What is SDI? In this session we will define SDI or Specially Designed Instruction and what needs to be in place to ensure ALL students are successful - including when SDI occurs, Who is responsible and What it can look like.

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30 Minutes

What is Personalized Learning?

This video used along with a national resource provide an engaging learning opportunity to uncover what personalized learning is and is not. It can be...

The video highlights what personalized learning is and is not. It also references a chart created by national speakers, Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey, comparing personalized learning, differentiation and individualization. The chart can be used in an activity to help create deeper discussions with teams about components of personalized learning and how it is different than differentiation and an IEP for every child. While the...

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20 minutes

Characteristics of Autism and Educational Implications

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? What common characteristics may impact students with ASD in the classroom setting? This learning will help to answer these questions...

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological disorder characterized by a triad of impairments/characteristics: communication, social skills, and restricted and/or repetitive behavior patterns. These characteristics, along with developmental rates and sequences, cognition, and sensory processing will be discussed in terms of possible educational implications.

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10 minutes

Learning Environment to Support Learner Agency

This video shares some tips for classroom setup that encourages learner agency. It doesn't take a new building to make small changes that give students...

This learning highlights three considerations for any classroom environment to better support learner agency at all grade levels. The main points this video will explore include: 1) Making learning goals clear and visible to students, 2) Intentional use of technology by students, and 3) Flexible spaces within the classroom.

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25 Minutes

Learner Agency (Episode 3): Moving Beyond Compliance

In episode three: Moving Beyond Compliance Mindset, join Jen Sigrist, Executive Director of Educational Services at Central Rivers AEA, as she talks about ways to...

Episode 3: Moving Beyond Compliance Mindset. The compliance mindset has its place. There are times we need to follow directions. However, compliance mindsets generate less engagement and less than desired longer-term outcomes. This podcast talks about how we move students away from learning just to pass a test towards learning because of meaningful connections and interests. This podcast reveals three things teachers can do to...

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30 Minutes

How to use the SEL Coaching Toolkit

How can we help each other understand our own beliefs of how student behavior affects learning and implement best practices for setting up a highly...

The purpose of this toolkit is to support coaches and administrators as they observe practices that support the development of social and emotional skills in classrooms, and hold critical conversations that include SEL. Using this toolkit allows educators to reflect, set goals on their own practices, and engage in coaching conversations with colleagues. This toolkit also brings awareness of how our own beliefs about how student...

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